​​​Rusty Dog Antiques is excited to be a vendor at  


​located at 813 Main St Miles City, MT 

 Check out our newest creations Monday through Thursday

7:30 am to 430 pm

Friday and Saturday 7:30 am to 5 pm

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True junk lovers and history buffs at heart, we are turning our love for antiques, auctions, flea markets, garage sales and trash picking from a hobby into a job, one rescued, discarded treasure at a time. 

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Rusty Dog Antiques has bought a brick and mortar building in  Forsyth, MT

Located in the former Valley Auto Building at 188 N. 9th Ave, Forsyth MT 

​We have a coffee shop, bakery, lunch counter and antiques!  

What else could you possibly need? Free WiFi? We have that too!

Rescued in 2012 from the Rimrock Humane Society, Gracie, the yellow lab, was the face and inspiration of Rusty Dog Antiques. 

Rustier when adopted, Gracie became a white haired lady as she grew more vintage. 

After 7 amazing years as part of our family, Gracie passed away in September of 2019.