Rusty Dog Antiques

If you would have asked us if we would move back to our hometown and open a business when we were still in high school, you would have been given the most dismissive teenager face we could have mustered.  Yet, here we are, bringing back some OOMPH to the economy of the metropolis of Forsyth Montana.  We couldn't be having more fun!

Our Gracie has passed, but can now chase as many bunnies as she wants.  We have nothing but the fondest memories of her.  We couldn't be without a rescue dog, so we have given these two yahoos a home.  Birdie is our new rusty colored pooch, but she needed a friend.  Since we have a thing for Blondes, Daisy joined the house and they now are as sassy as they can be!

Here is an old write up about us in Magic City Magazine.   So in an attempt to get this page started, here is the article that highlights a little of who we are and what we do. 

Hope you enjoy the article and thank you Magic City Magazine for highlighting us. Despite all the grumbles of the camera evasive husband featured front and center, it's been fun. Check out page 92 and see what's up.