Rusty Dog Antiques


(The inspiration behind Rusty Dog)

Gracie came to our family after a few months searching for the "perfect fit." An active family with full time jobs, we needed a dog that was mature, good natured and easy going because, quite frankly, one more crazy person in the house was likely to get us ran out of the neighborhood. 

After taking our time getting used to the idea of adding to the family and searching for just the right addition (including a visit to a HUGE, Great Pyrenees with a taste for door knobs) The Mr. started following me around the house with a photo and bio for Gracie. 

"Just look at it again.  She's the perfect dog for us... Isn't she the sweetest thing you've ever seen?"

And when that didn't work along came my son, "Maybe we should just go visit her... You can tell by looking she's a good dog... What are we doing this weekend?"

So after a couple phone calls, off we went to the Rimrock Humane Society's foster home to meet Gracie. Gracie came home with us for a test drive that weekend. She was perfect, she was meant to be and she was clearly part of our family.

Now, years later, it's hard to imagine life before Gracie. She was quite "rusty" in color when we got her but she turned whiter every day. She's helped us through hard times and sad times, she made us laugh until we cried, she was more excited to see us come through the door than is humanly possible and she licked our tears and sat with her head on our knee as we recuperated. 

In September of 2019 we lost our Gracie. She left the world like she entered ours, bursting with love and just wanting to feel the touch of  her humans. 

We said we couldn't imagine another dog after Gracie, she just affected all of our lives so dramatically. But there is always another day, another need, another heart to give a new home. In May of 2020 we reached out to our friends at Rimrock Humane Society again and this time they matched us with Birdie. A 4 year old ball of energy, Birdie's little legs fly so fast she turns her ears inside out when she runs.

With an absolute distaste for teasing, pesky birds (especially morning doves) Birdie patrols her yards and has even learned to tolerate and roll her eyes at the weird chickens that have found pleasure in chasing HER ball.

Birdie enjoyed having the house to herself, but like the rest of us, was willing to share what was hers to help someone else.  We found Daisy a year after Birdie.  They are thick as thieves and constantly plotting the correct pace to chase away the birds and bunnies.  

Just like our Gracie, Birdie and Daisy love to ride in the truck on the back roads as we hunt junk and are a permanent fixture under our feet, out in the grass when we are spray painting and anywhere we are unloading our latest "treasurers." 

Our rescue dogs have completed our family and brought us the greatest joys of the last many years. Just like our furniture and our antiques, we love all things, dogs included, nicked up and with a history and a story to tell. It has been an amazing adventure for us to find beauty in the discarded and joy in the rust.

We hope you will come visit us and embrace our love of all things "RESCUED."